Mine Action Open House

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Mine Action Open House

Mine Action Open House

On the 11th July 2013 Golden West, MAG, Cambodian Mine Action Centre, HALO and Sterling hosted U.S Embassy and PACCOM staff for a humanitarian mine action familiarisation day.

The day started with a tour of the Sterling EOD school at the Hun Sen Engineering Technical Institute and a demolition. Following this, they were taken to the RCAF Ammunition Supply Point to tour the inventory of discovered UXOs across the country.

The group then moved to the Cambodian Mine Action Centre training site in Kampong Chnang. There, the Director General of CMAC, Heng Ratana gave a country briefing on behalf of all US funded Humanitarian mine action groups. Next they were introduced to CMAC’s Mine Detection Dogs. These dog teams are used to detect the presence of mines in areas that are suspected of contamination. If detected, the clearance teams can remove the mines from the area.

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The next demonstration by HALO centred on mine detection using the HSTAMIDS dual sensor detector. This detector combines a metal detector and ground penetrating radar, increasing the efficiency of their demining operations greatly by differentiating between metal debris and landmines.

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MAG demonstrated vegetation clearance with their Nemesis ground preparation machine. A short demonstration was carried out that showcased its efficient clearance abilities. Once the obstructions are clear, mine detection and removal can begin.

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Golden West Humanitarian Foundation was next to exhibit, showing the guests their Explosive Harvesting Program. The EHP provides Cambodian Humanitarian Mine Action groups with explosive charges that have been specifically designed to destroy mines. Since its inception, the EHP has produced 300,000 humanitarian demining charges that have subsequently been used to destroy landmines and UXOs across Cambodia.

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The Explosive Harvesting System removes the explosive from stockpiled ordnance using an innovative process developed at our Research and Development centre in Cambodia. Once the explosive has been removed, it can be remanufactured and recast into the Golden West 100g Demining Charge.

The day was concluded with an explosive demonstration at the CMAC Controlled Demolition Site.