Photo Exhibition in Solomon Island highlights WWII UXO situation

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A photo exhibition in the Solomon Island by SafeGround is highlighting the current situation of UXO on the islands and the impacts it has on the community. Golden West continuies to support the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force(RSIPF) as they locate and clear ordnance around the islands with funding from the Office of Weapons Removal & Abatement, US State Department.

On March 10th 2015, the EHP (Explosive Harvesting Program) CMAC EOD operators responded to a UXO call at a construction site just outside the capital city of Phnom Penh, during which they recovered a 500 pound bomb. In a separate UXO call eight days later the CMAC Dive Team and EHP CMAC EOD operators responded to a call for a 1000 pound bomb found in a stream in the Kratie province. Directly following excavation, the fuze sections of the bombs were removed using the Mobile Cutting System developed by Golden West. The defused bombs were then transported to the USDoS PM/WRA funded Explosive Harvesting Site where the explosive filler will be recycled into humanitarian charges to be using in demining operations across Cambodia.

After the stockpile management refresher course held in January 2015, the Golden West Project Manager for Physical Security & Stockpile Management (PSSM) & his counterpart from the Ministry of National Defence paid visits to units around Cambodia to follow-up on the principles of safe ammunition storage practices that were taught during the weeklong course. During his travels to the provinces, including Battambang, Preah Vihear and Ream, the management team met with members of the Army, Navy and Air Force and toured their munition storage facilities. The goal of these visits was to assess the implementation of PSSM best practices so far, and advise on further improvements. During these visits Mr. Moroney (GWHF PM) & Lt Gen Son Kimsorn presented several of the munition storage facilities with much needed fire extinguishers donated through the US State Department PM/WRA grant. RCAF plays a critical part in supplying unusable munitions to the Golden West Explosive Harvesting Program which has to date produced over 360,000 humanitarian demining charges which have been used across Cambodia.

A select number of Ammunition Specialists from the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces (RCAF) attended a one week long Ammunition Management refresher course at the Golden West Advanced Technology Training Centre (ATTC) in Kampong Chnnang, Cambodia.

As part of the USDoS PM/WRA funded project; the students received concise lessons on Ammunition Management best practices in line with the International Ammunition Technical Guidelines (IATG). With subjects ranging from safe storage principles, to ammunition accounting, transportation and inspection of ammunition; the students are able to return back to their places of work and begin putting in place the activities that are required to allow them to store their ammunition with greater security and safety. In turn these activities will decrease the risk of an accidental explosion that would have serious humanitarian effects.

The RCAF are essential partners in providing unserviceable and aged ammunition to the Explosive Harvesting Program (EHP) which provides demolition charges through its innovative explosives supply solution that helps saves lives and cuts costs normally associated with humanitarian demining.

5 January, 2015

Professor Garrett Clayton, Villanova University College of Engineering, and a group of senior mechanical engineering students travelled to Cambodia to conduct field trials of the prototype Low-Cost EOD Response Robot. This robot was developed in cooperation with the Golden West Design Lab (Phnom Penh) in a program funded by the U.S. Department of State, Office of Weapons Removal and Abatement (PM/WRA).  The Engineering Education Partnership (EEP) is an initiative funded by PM/WRA with the dual goals of providing contextual STEM educational opportunities to U.S. engineering students and exposing the field of humanitarian explosive ordnance remediation to fresh new ideas.

Arriving in early January 2015, this was the third year that Prof. Clayton’s students have tested a prototype robot at Golden West’s Applied Technology and Training Center (Kampong Chhnang province). After successful field tests, the team determined the robotic platform was ready to undergo redesign for production.  It is expected that the Low-Cost EOD Robot will be available for purchase in Q2, 2016 and will sell for under $10,000 USD.

On the 2nd of December Lee Moroney, Project Manager at Golden West Humanitarian Foundation and Lieutenant General Son Kimsorn, of General Department Of Materials And Technical of Ministry Of National Defence, organised a seminar on Arms Control and Disarmament in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. In attendance were over 25 senior officers from the Cambodian Military and Police forces. After a welcome address from General Chau Phirun, Lieutenant General Son Kimsorn gave a brief history of the last 30 years of arms control within Cambodia. Lee Moroney followed with briefings on global initiatives for arms control and disarmament followed by a case study regarding the success achieved with arms control in the Balkans (RACVIAC & RASR).

The afternoon began with a presentation from H.E. Chan Rotha, Deputy Secretary General of the Cambodian Mind Action and Victim Authority (CMAA) on Cambodia’s involvement in the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Treaty (APMBT). Mr. Fred Lubang from Non-Violence International South-east Asia spoke on the basic principles of International Humanitarian Law regarding munitions and provided an introduction to the Convention on Cluster Munitions (CCM). The day was concluded with Lee Moroney explaining best practices in Physical Security and Stockpile Management (PSSM). The conference was the first of its kind as collaboration between civil society and the Cambodian Military, and provided a forum to discuss potential improvements to Cambodian PSSM efforts and further enhanced the understanding of senior decision makers on “disarmament as humanitarian action”.

Golden West Humanitarian Foundation started working in Cambodia in 2004, by testing the viability of a new method of providing much needed humanitarian explosive charges from existing stockpile munitions. Ten years later and the outstanding cooperation from the Royal Government of Cambodia and Cambodia’s Humanitarian Mine Action Organizations has meant that the Explosive Harvesting Program not only provides all humanitarian demining charges in the country free of charge, but has also created a number of new programs that bring great benefits to the Cambodian people. This is similar to online casino lesson where you can learn to stop playing online casino games through best casino sites.

In recognition of the fantastic support offered by the Royal Cambodian Government and the Cambodian Mine Action Centre (CMAC), Golden West, in partnership with CMAC hosted a number of distinguished guests from the Cambodian Government, U.S Government and Mine Action Organizations for a gala dinner in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

The evening showed recognition of the partnerships that enable the Explosive Harvesting Program to be the unparalleled success that it is, with great thanks to the donors that have made it all possible, the U.S Department of States Office of Weapons Removal and Abatement (PM/WRA) and the Department of Defense’s Humanitarian Demining Research and Development (HDR&D).

In addition it introduced the delegates to Golden West’s other landmark programs including the CMAC Dive Unit, Detection Technologies, the Cambodia Design Lab and the new Royal Cambodian Armed Forces PSSM (Physical Security and Stockpile Management) Program.

Distinguished guests and speakers included:

  • His Excellency Serei Kosal, Senior Minister, Second Vice Chairman of the CMAA
  • His Excellency Nath Bunroeun, Deputy Minister of Education Youth and Sport
  • Her Excellency Julie Chung, Deputy Chief of Mission, US Embassy Phnom Penh
  • His Excellency Heng Ratana, Director General of CMAC
  • His Excellency Khem Sopoan, Chairman of the Governing Council of CMAC
  • His Excellency Oum Phumro, Deputy Director General of CMAC
  • His Excellency Dr.Im Koch, Secretary of State for Ministry of Education Youth and Sport
  • Lieutenant General Son Kim Sorn, Deputy General Director of Materials and Technical, Royal Cambodian Armed Forces


Golden West presented 5 custom designed trophies to mark their gratitude for the cooperation and assistance of the following Cambodian and United States Government Organizations:

  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Royal Cambodian Government
  • Embassy of the United States, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
  • Cambodia Mine Action and Victims Assistance Authority (CMAA)
  • The United States Department of State, Office of Weapons Removal and Abatement (PM/WRA)
  • The Cambodia Mine Action Centre (CMAC)
  • The Cambodian Ministry of National Defense

Golden West Humanitarian Foundation presented personal tokens of appreciation to the following CMAC leadership and staff:

  1. H.E. Heng Rattana, Director General of CMAC
  2. H.E. Om Phnumro, Deputy Director of CMAC
  3. H.E. Ek Bolin, Director of Support and Human Resources, CMAC
  4. H.E. Prum Suonpraseth, Director of International Relations and Project Management, CMAC
  5. Mr. Him Vandy, Director of Planning and Operations, CMAC
  6. Mr. Phat Phearak, Chief of Secretariat, CMAC
  7. Mr. Mong Sokunthearath, Manager of the Training Centre, CMAC

Framed Certificates were presented to Golden West and CMAC staff that had given notable service to the organization over the ten years:

  1. Thong Khean for Ten Years of Service to Cambodia Programs
  2. Heang Sambo for Ten Years of Service to Cambodia Programs
  3. Khun Chanmara for Ten Years of Service to Cambodia Programs
  4. Mao Sokhon for Ten Years of Service to Cambodia Programs
  5. Seurng Samnang for Ten Years of Service to Cambodia Programs
  6. Seang Chharann for Eight Years of Service to Cambodia Programs
  7. Chin Phal for Seven Years of Service to Cambodia Programs
  8. Sam Vicheth for Seven Years of Service to Cambodia Programs
  9. Chan Reaksmey for Six Years of Service to Cambodia Programs
  10. Phorn Theavy for Four Years of Service to Cambodia Programs

The Royal Cambodian Government Recognised the following parties with Orders of Merit:

  • Golden West Humanitarian Foundation: Royal Order of Sahametrei, Commander
  • Allan Vosburgh, CEO of Golden West Humanitarian Foundation: Royal Order of Sahametrei, Officer
  • Ms. Julie Chung, Deputy Chief of Mission, US Embassy, Phnom Penh: Royal Order of Sahametrei, Commander
  • Colonel Stanley Brown, Director, Department of State, Office of Weapons Removal and Abatement: Royal Order of Sahametrei, Commander
  • Roger Hess, Director of Field Operations, Golden West Humanitarian Foundation: Royal Order of Sahametrei, Commander
  • Allen Dodgson Tan, Country Director Cambodia, Golden West Humanitarian Foundation: Royal Order of Sahametrei, Commander
  • Leon Len Austin, Chief EOD Operations, Golden West Humanitarian Foundation: Royal Order of Sahametrei, Commander
  • Mike Trocino, Chief Financial Officer, Golden West Humanitarian Foundation: Royal Order of Sahametrei, Officer
  • John Arthur Wright, Chief Design Engineer, Golden West Humanitarian Foundation: Royal Order of Sahametrei, Officer
  • Sieng Charan, Explosive Harvesting Program, Cambodia Mine Action Center: Cambodia Labour Medal, Gold Medal
  • Sok Chenda, CMAC Dive Unit Leader, Cambodia Mine Action Center: Cambodia Labour Medal, Gold Medal
  • Khun Chanmara, Explosive Harvesting Program, Cambodia Mine Action Center: Cambodia Labour Medal, Gold Medal
  • Moav Sokhon, Explosive Harvesting Program, Cambodia Mine Action Center: Cambodia Labour Medal, Gold Medal
  • Soeung Samnang, Explosive Harvesting Program, Cambodia Mine Action Center: Cambodia Labour Medal, Gold Medal
  • Sam Vichet, Explosive Harvesting Program, Cambodia Mine Action Center: Cambodia Labour Medal, Gold Medal
  • Chin Phal, Explosive Harvesting Program, Cambodia Mine Action Center: Cambodia Labour Medal, Gold Medal

A contingent of six Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) EOD Officers, trained by Golden West Humanitarian Foundation Training team are to join and participate in Operation Render Safe 2014 in Torokina, Bouganville Island, Papua New Guinea. The RSIPF team was invited to assist after their well-received involvement in Operation Render Safe 2013, in the Solomon Islands.

Operation Render Safe  is the Australian Defence Force’s enduring explosive ordnance disposal contribution to the south-west Pacific region. This is similar to online casino lesson where you can learn to stop playing online casino games through best casino sites. The aim of Operation Render Safe is to reduce the threat of unexploded ordnance throughout the south-west Pacific, foster goodwill and support bilateral relations.

To read more on Operation Render Safe and the RSIPF EOD team:

Solomon Star Article on the RSIPF EOD team’s invitation to participate

History of the Golden West Guadalcanal RSIPF EOD Program

News Video by ABC on the RSIPF Involvement in Operation Render Safe 2013

Golden West’s Southeast Asia Regional Office & Design Lab in Cambodia is proud to have some longstanding Cambodian employees that have each been instrumental in making Golden West in Southeast Asia what it is today. All Golden West Cambodia’s employees are eligible for the employee scholarship program, that entitles them to embark on a higher education course of their choice.

Reaksmey Chan, Senior Accounting Manager for Asia Pacific, has been with Golden West for over 5 years and has had the opportunity to complete her bachelors in Accountancy and is currently completing her MBA in Phnom Penh.

Kim Bush has been with Golden West for one year and is currently completing his mechanical engineering degree. Bush has been working closely with John Wright, our Chief Design Engineer, to deliver the various projects associated with the Golden West Design Lab in Phnom Penh. The engineering team has also expanded recently, with Somnang Seng joining to assist Bush in the Design Lab. Bush has shown himself to be a very promising future engineer, spending his spare time researching advanced techniques that will furnish him with skills to improve processes and production at the Design Lab.

Digital Divide Data (DDD) is an organization dedicated to creating better futures for disadvantaged youth in Cambodia, Laos and Kenya through an innovative work/study program. This program encourages participants to gain the necessary skills for future employment through work and education. As part of this process, DDD provides inspirational lectures from Cambodian professionals across various fields and industries. This is similar to online casino lesson where you can learn to stop playing online casino games through best casino sites. Golden West was approached to provide accountancy and engineering talks and was more than happy to provide Reaksmey and Bush as great examples of their professions to talk about their experiences, education and about their professions in general.

Reaksmey and Bush both delivered talks that were well received and gave a good example of what the DDD group can aspire to if they choose those professions.


At Golden West Humanitarian Foundation our technical staff each have over 20 years of EOD experience making them some of the most capable operators. This is all the more evident when they are confronted with abnormal conditions and situations. Under these circumstances, their expertise comes to the fore, enabling them to plan and execute complex operations to precision.

One such operation took place in the Solomon Islands, Guadalcanal, where Golden West Humanitarian Foundation has been working with the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force to strengthen the Island’s national EOD reponse capacity. As well as shaping the EOD response team into a cohesive, skilled and experienced team, the Golden West Project Leaders attached to the unit have trained them to internationally recognized standards in EOD and advanced EOD techniques.

On the 15th May, a report was received of a M-43 500lb located in a remote area in Guadalcanal surrounded by cliffs and heavy vegetation with no clear route in with vehicles. After an initial reconaissance and a sitrep performed by the EOD team, planning could begin. On the 16th May, the team, equipped with appropriate equipment and pertinent top-up training from Golden West’s Director of Field Operations, Roger Hess, that highlighted potential conditions this particular ordnance could be in, the team set off to the ordnance. Due to deteriorating road state, the team travelled by foot for the last 4km through arduous terrain.

River cross 2a

Upon assessing the situation of the bomb, Roger Hess decided that it must be relocated to a safer area for disposal. The team then had to lift the bomb to a suitable area using a carrying sling. An appropriate area was located 100m from the location, which took 30minutes due to the uneven terrain. Once the bomb was in a place where the chance of injury to nearby villages was negated, Golden West Humanitarian Foundation’s proprietary NMD was set up to render it safe.

The mission was a complete success that tested the training and endurance of the RSIPF team. The RSIPF program is made possible through generous support from the US Department of State, Office of Weapons Removal and Abatement, AusAid and Japan Official Development Assistance.

Position 4a

Macca Selli and Bomb