Small Arms Burners

Small Arms Burners

Developed to fill the market gap for sustainable and economical small arms burners, the Golden West HF has developed a range of systems that provide flexible and locally sustainable solutions for the destruction of ammunition up to 20mm (non-HE) at a fraction of the cost of equivalent commercial models.

Already deployed in Cambodia and Guatemala, the Portable Small Arms Burner (PSAB) and Modular Small Arms Burner (MSAB) can be locally manufactured using readily available materials, the only expendable component being the cooking gas used to kick-start the burn (a material readily available in most developing nations). The PSAB and MSAB are normally provided in conjunction with training packages that are tailored to your needs.

Benefits of the Golden West Small Arms Burners

1) The PSAB and MSAB have a low environmental impact relative to detonation.

  • Only the gases from burning propellant are released
  • Uses low-emissions, non-toxic propane gas
  • Raw materials fully recoverable for recycling (common components are lead, copper, steel and brass)

2) Low cost

  • After setup, the only recurring expense is locally available cooking gas

3) Can be safely operated relatively close to sensitive areas

4) Training can be conducted quickly and efficiently by Golden West staff