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Engineered Solutions

Tangible Experience

Decades of research and practical experience in the field has allowed Golden West staff to identify potential areas of improvement in the disposal of explosive remnants of war (ERW). Our organisational aim is to innovate new, necessary engineered solutions that make ERW disposal safer and more effective.

We carry out each stage of the production process in house, from designing to prototyping and building. This means we can ensure that the products we deliver are of the highest standard, and fit for task. Every tool we develop, we use in field operations, giving us the opportunity to test them extensively in varied situations.

The solutions we provide increase safety and cost efficiency, which, in practical terms, means that each dollar granted to the ERW disposal effort has the potential to save more lives.

Golden West Inert Training Aids

Innovative Design

The Golden West Design Lab in Phnom Penh has rapidly become one of the country’s most advanced rapid prototyping and production mini-factories. It acts as the heart of Golden West’s engineered solutions and serves to design, test and iterate new products and tools that can be rolled out to improve the process of Mine Action and Ordnance Disposal worldwide.

We carry out each stage of the production process in house, from designing to prototyping and building, thanks to our expertise in Computer Aided Design, 3D Prototyping and streamlined production.

The solutions we provide increase safety and cost efficiency, which, in practical terms, means that each dollar granted to the ERW disposal effort has the potential to save more lives.

Advanced Ordnance Teaching Materials

The Standard Ordnance Training Set (SOTS) is a component of the Advanced Ordnance Teaching Materials (AOTM) Program, a collaborative design initiative catalyzed by the Golden West Humanitarian Foundation and faculty from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD). Startup funding for the AOTM program was provided by the U.S. Department of State, Office of Weapons Removal and Abatement, with the express purpose of improving the quality of training materials available to humanitarian EOD/mine action operators worldwide.

Sales of AOTM products are used to create additional resources for the humanitarian EOD/mine-action community and ensure the long-term availability of training materials. For detailed information about the technical and pedagogical approach of the AOTM program, please see the article in the Journal of Mine Action or visit the AOTM website

Golden West NMD Liquid Explosives Pounch
Golden West Proprietary NMD Liquid Binary Explosives can be shipped worldwide with ease

NMD Liquid Explosives

NMD is a proprietary blend of liquid explosives that is ideally suited to munitions, white-phosphorous and weapon stockpile destruction. Developed by Golden West, NMD is an inexpensive and highly effective alternative to conventional explosives.

Traditional explosives have a hazardous materials classification of 1 (1 being the most hazardous), making the process of shipping them to project areas expensive and slow. NMD is manufactured and transported as two separate liquids that have a class of 3 and 8 (flammable and corrosive respectively). This means that it can reach a project quicker than conventional explosives and the cost of shipping is significantly lower. Once the NMD is ready to be used, the two liquids are combined to create a very effective ERW clearance explosive.

Golden West has striven to make the application of NMD more effective since its inception, and can now provide NMD Liquid Explosives Pouches that are corrosion resistant and pre-portioned to the ideal size for most disposal tasks, thus reducing waste and making the operation more cost efficient. The NMD Liquid Explosives Pouch is specifically designed for disposing of landmines and thicker cased munitions.

In conjunction with these tools, our NMD expertise is provided in the form of training packages, which are designed to build long-lasting program capacity.

The Explosive Harvesting System

The Explosive Harvesting System (EHS) is an innovative explosives supply solution that helps saves lives and cut costs. Using UXO that is already slated for destruction, the EHS extracts the available explosives and manufactures it into a stable, safe and effective tool for clearing landmines and UXO.

Golden West pioneered the Explosive Harvesting System (EHS) in Cambodia with other strategic partners, including the Cambodian Mine Action Centre (CMAC) and the U.S. Army Humanitarian Demining Directorate.

This approach to system development has ensured that the EHS will be replicable and appropriate for use in all post-conflict nations where conditions warrant its deployment. To meet the needs of teams operating in remote locations, a ‘fly-away’ mobile EHS has also been designed.

Benefits of the Explosive Harvesting System

No Manufacturing

Unexploded Ordnance is destroyed by explosive charges. These charges are produced commercially at a chemical factory and then shipped to across the globe to where needed. This process has a negative impact on the environment and can be cripplingly expensive.

No Stockpiling

Once obtained, the stockpiling of explosives is highly dangerous, requiring costly management and logistical planning. Recycling UXO eliminates the need to stockpile explosives as charges can be built on demand. The ability to produce charges on site means that shipping is not required.

No Idle Time

Transporting explosives is incredibly complex and time-consuming. For time critical operations, this can have a devastating effect. By producing the charges in country, with the ‘fly-away’ EHS, efficiency is greatly improved, resulting in more land cleared and more lives saved.

The Right Tool

Explosives created in this way are ideally suited to their application. Unique design characteristics and the perfect mix of chemical ingredients mean that efficiency is improved by 100 percent: one of our charges is as effective as using twice the amount of explosives not formed in this way.

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Technical Training

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