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Expert Consultancy

Making the Right Decisions

One of the most important questions to ask in any project is “How?”. Our staff have decades of field experience and training, giving them unparalleled knowledge of the best approaches and techniques for any situation.

Any project can run into unique complications that cannot be overcome with basic knowledge. These situations benefit greatly from experienced Golden West Technical Advisors, who can reduce mistakes, idle time, and ultimately improve efficiency, leading to more land cleared for the allocated funding.

More crucially, when dealing with potentially deadly materials, Golden West staff can ensure that the right decision to ensure safety is made every time. There is no room for guesswork in situations where mistakes can instantly lead to fatality.

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Expert Assessments

Before a clearance operation can begin, it is essential to create a sound strategy based on the intricacies of each particular situation, including an assessment on the type and state of the munitions to be cleared, the end land use and local restrictions. Site surveys form the basis of every clearance operation plan, dictating what is needed in terms of technical resources and equipment to meet the objectives.

Whether it is the clearance of World War II UXO in contaminated areas in the South Pacific, or the destruction of landmines in Cambodia, it is essential to assess the situation, work out what threats are posed, the identity of the munition and the capabilities of the team tasked with the operation.

Our team is fully qualified to carry out any assessment, wherever it may be, and possesses decades of experience of undertaking assessments for the military and humanitarian organizations.

Golden West serves precisely this function for the U.S Department of State with our support of the PM/WRA Quick Reaction Force

Cluster Munitions Stockpile Destruction

Cluster Munitions are ordnance items that expel numerous smaller items when used. Due to their construction, cluster munitions present unique challenges to disposal. These challenges are multiplied when the task is to destroy stockpiles of multiple cluster munitions.

Through our active research and development program, Golden West has developed efficient, practical and safe techniques for the field disposal of cluster munitions stockpiles. Using this expertise, our advisors are able to seamlessly integrate into existing stockpile destruction programs, complimenting the lead organization by providing expert consultancy where and when it is needed.

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NMD™ Certification

Golden West can provide training and certification to use its innovative and proprietary liquid explosive NMD™. NMD™ has numerous benefits for organisations including ease and speed of shipping, affordability and suitability for munition destruction, both low order and high. NMD™ requires trained handling and application. Our staff can provide technicians and managers with the confidence to effectively use this ideally suited tool.

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