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Technical Training

Experience Shared

Golden West staff have decades of experience in all areas of Explosive Ordnance Disposal worldwide. This has furnished them with a unique understanding of the best practices, the most suitable techniques and the most effective technologies for any project your organisation may be considering. The Foundation’s emphasis on innovation has also contributed to new techniques being discovered, and new ways to deliver technical training.

Our training staff have extensive experience of teaching materials and training facilities and a strong understanding of the efficacy of different approaches. Based on their knowledge, we have developed world class teaching materials and a diverse array of facilities over the years. These help us to effectively deliver any lesson in an easily understandable and cross cultural way.

In South East Asia, the Advanced Technology Training Centre (ATTC) is our training hub. The ATTC has one of the largest libraries of cutaway munitions training aids, the perfect tool for educating technicians about the mechanisms involved with the deadly materials they come into contact with, in the world. Each of the training aids was made inert and prepared by our expert staff, a process which is only possible after years of experience working with munitions of every type.

Our training staff and equipment are mobile, so we are not limited to training in South East Asia; we can meet you on location, wherever that may be. We have trained staff across the world, across language barriers and always to the highest level of understanding. We can also train staff to international standards, such as CEN.

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Detection Technologies

Recently completed, our world class detection training lanes are a unique asset. These lanes have been prepared to test both the training of technicians and the effectiveness of specific detection technologies. We can train technicians to use any form of detection technology, then test their knowledge by sending them to the lanes to detect our pre-placed munitions.

In addition to training staff, it is also an ideal location for testing the effectiveness of new or unfamiliar technologies. The controlled evaluation of detection technologies is essential before they are able to be used and trusted in the unpredictability of field operations.

NMD™ Certification

Golden West can provide technical training and certification in the use of our proprietary liquid explosive, NMD™. NMD™ has numerous benefits for organizations, including ease and speed of shipping, affordability, and suitability for munition destruction, both low and high order. NMD™ requires trained handling and application. Our staff can provide technicians and managers with the confidence to effectively use this tool in such a way as to maximise its potential for munitions destruction.

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The EOD Team with their CEN IMAS Graduation Certificates

International Standards Training

Golden West can provide training to international standards in EOD and EOD related certifications. These include, but are not limited to,  CEN IMAS EOD Levels, specialized munitions destruction,  and even advanced Scuba certifications for underwater salvage operations.

Most recently Golden West has done so in Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands, where a team from the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force has recently been certified to CEN EOD Level II. To read more on that project click here

Advanced EOD Techniques

The Golden West team has decades of experience in EOD work with a huge variety of ordnance and a in a wide variety of challenging locations. As a result we are highly qualified to train in Advanced EOD techniques. These can include specialized munitions disposal, underwater munitions recovery, Cluster Munitions disposal with NMD Liquid Explosives and much more. These advanced training courses can be performed at our ATTC training centre in Cambodia or on location.

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