Where we work

Where we work

Golden West brings expert solutions to at-risk populations across the globe. We provide essential resources and local education to combat the problem of unexploded ordnance. Thanks to proprietary developments in mobility of explosive ordnance disposal solutions, Golden West can deploy anywhere, no matter how remote.

Cambodia   kh

Operations in South East Asia are run from our Regional Office in Cambodia. The GWHF Research and Development Center is located in Kampong Chhang, a province north of Phnom Penh.  We share grounds with the Cambodian Mine Action Center’s (CMAC) world-class Mine-Action Training Center, and the highly acclaimed Explosive Harvesting System (EHS).

This top of the range facility has produced some of our most ground-breaking innovations, including the Explosive Harvesting System and our Mobile Cutting System . It is also where we turn old bombs into inert training aids – a critical tool for organisations teaching de-mining and UXO disposal.

United States of America  us

The GWHF headquarters are located in the United States of America, in Woodland Hills, California. The US office serves as an administrative hub for the Foundation.  To keep overheads low, the offices are just large enough to accommodate two full-time staff: the President and Founder of the GWHF, Joe Trocino, and the Chief Operations Officer, Mike Trocino. Other activities carried out at the headquarters include providing logistical support for field operations, and hosting delegations from other organizations.

In 2011, Golden West provided expertise and equipment to a reef reclamation project off the shores of Oahu, Hawaii. This operation required mounting a mobile cutting system on a demilitarized barge. Remotely Operated underwater Vehicles (ROV) extracted ERW that had become encrusted with coral. This was an ocean based operation that required innovation on site to counter specific issues arising from operating on water.

Solomon Islands  Solomon-Islands-Flag-icon

Our team is in the process of creating a central UXO training facility for the South Pacific Islands with a fully trained local cadre equipped to dispose of the WWII munitions in the region.

The Guadalcanal project commenced in May 2011 with the support of the US Department of State and the Office of Weapons Removal and Abatement (PM/WRA) with the main goal being to work with the Solomon Islands Police Force to train and mentor their Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Team to CEN/ IMAS Level II. It is now recognised as one of the premier EOD programs in the South Pacific.

To read more about the progress of the training see this article

Marshall Islands  Marshall-Islands

A Golden West team deployed to the remote island of Mili on the Marshall Islands in July 2013. The team included two disposal technicians from the Solomon Islands who had recently been trained by Golden West advisors, giving them the opportunity to gain some experience in the field. Locals on the island identified areas that they suspected contained ERW and the team set to work. Making use of proprietary portable remediation equipment, including a mobile bomb cutting system, the Golden West team were able to process and burn out all ERW on the island.

Vietnam Vietnam

The Golden West Project Office in Hanoi organises Vietnam based projects and liases with Vietnamese organisations. In the past, Golden West has organised several training sessions for Bomicen to our Advanced Technology Training Centre in Kampong Chnang.

Vietnam also saw multiple distributions of our Children’s MRE book “Vinh and Trinh’s Adventure”, an illustrated story highlighting the dangers of UXO scrap collection. Over 6000 copies have been distributed by Golden West to schoolchildren in Central Vietnam.

Nicaragua  ni

Ten Nicaraguan military personnel had been assigned the task of clearing a stockpile of cluster munitions, but did not have the required skill set or resources to dispose of the ERW that were located in difficult terrain. Golden West delivered portable solutions and developed the local capacity to find and destroy ERW using innovative detection technologies and NMD™ explosive. We also provided a technical advisor to oversee the entire clearance operation.

Guatemala  gt

In 2010, Golden West led the destruction and clearance of three pits filled with various white phosphorus munitions in Guatemala. Technical Advisors trained local personnel in EOD techniques and built local capacity for destroying explosives that included white phosphorus projectiles.

Colombia Colombia

Golden West training staff tutored 14 Colombian engineers towards an NMD™ training certification, enabling them to make effective use of this clearance explosive.