Golden West Humanitarian Foundation | Unexploded Ordnance

Academic Partnerships

Golden West proudly supports the academic community with the following Doctoral Practicums, Doctoral Dissertation Projects, International Training, and Development Programs Initiatives.

Strategic Studies

EOD Tools, Tactics, and Procedures Development

Mixed and Augmented Reality

Aerial and Underwater Mapping

Explosive Remediation

Explosive Development for Humanitarian Purposes

Sustainable Business

Environmental Science

We have successfully partnered with American Public University System, MIT, New Mexico Tech Explosives Engineering, Oklahoma State University Arson Explosives Firearms and Tool marks Investigation, University of Maryland Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism, University of Pennsylvania, Wharton Business School Global Impact, and Villanova.

Our academic philosophy is “See a Problem, Solve a Problem” If you think you or your university are interested in solving a problem that saves lives contact us today.

NGO partners

We work with many other humanitarian demining organizations to leverage our combined skills to build a better future. Some of the groups we work with include:

The Halo Trust

Norwegian Peoples Aid

Bomb Techs Without Borders

Mines Advisory Group

Platinum East

Director of Academic
dr. cj cowlin

Our Director of Academic Initiatives, Dr. CJ Cowlin has over 30 years of experience as a master level EOD Technician. His academic specialty is crisis innovation and he holds eight graduate degrees. Currently he travels the globe and captures innovative ground truth from Golden West’s operators in the field to codify and develop new ideas, tools, and technologies.