Golden West Humanitarian Foundation | Unexploded Ordnance

We Train

Golden West works with civilians, police, and militaries worldwide to improve safety and efficiency in bomb disposal and the management of arms and ammunition. Golden West focuses on sharing knowledge and creating safer communities through immersive, expert-led training programs. Both Unplanned Explosions in Munitions Sites (UEMS) and illicit
ammunition and explosives diversion pose life-threatening risks worldwide. 

Our Physical Security Stockpile Management (PSSM) training is designed to deliver managerial, mentorship, and subject matter expertise to partners worldwide. By enhancing munitions stockpiles’ safety and security, Golden West empowers communities to go beyond a one-time, first-aid fix. Instead, our holistic training methods use international best practices proven to increase safety and quality of life.

We Equip

Golden West provides innovative technical solutions to deal with explosive threats around the world. Our international team of munitions experts brings over 200 years of practical experience to the table. Golden West personnel are familiar with munitions management in both peacetime and operational environments. We’ve also gained extensive experience in every aspect of the civilian Humanitarian Mine Action (HMA) arena over the past two decades. 

We bring this technical expertise to bear on UEMS around the world. Beginning with a grant from the U.S. Department of State Program for Weapons Removal and Abatement (USDos PM/WRA) in 2014, Golden West has focused on increasing PSSM practices’ effectiveness in partner states. The initial program in Cambodia provided for improved physical security and updated equipment that allowed for safer ammunition management.

Golden West understands that partnerships are most effective
when all parties benefit from the arrangement. Our methodology includes cutting-edge, industry-standard technical solutions but also prioritizes relationships. By building strong relationships with local community leaders, Golden West encourages a culture of safety, training, and respect. We focus on training local community members in PSSM practices, guaranteeing a complete knowledge transfer when we leave. 

We serve

Golden West serves conflict-affected people around the world. We listen to their needs and then deploy our technical expertise in the most impactful way possible.

We put our first-hand knowledge to work on behalf of communities around the world. Golden West PSSM programs are currently active in Albania, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, and Cambodia. In each of our partner nations, we work closely with the Ministry of Defense to support a spectrum of PSSM activities.

Training and mentorship form the cornerstone of our PSSM
programs. We offer our services at various scales, ensuring we tackle every munitions situation from multiple angles. Training occurs at both a provincial or “localized” level and a more individualized and sustainable scale through our train-the-trainer program at our Military Technical Academy. Our curriculum enables our partner nations to build their knowledge base and continue managing unexploded ordnance after non-governmental
organizations have departed.

We innovate

Golden West doesn’t accept the status quo. If a solution cannot be found, we’ll design, test, and make it ourselves. 

We are dedicated to building an international support system that leads to improved PSSM practices worldwide. Golden West’s network of global partners and donors allows us to serve as a bridge between communities. We share the real-time needs and experiences from our recipient partner nations to our worldwide team. Information flows both ways as we share expert knowledge, advice, and engagement between our partners. Our innovative structure ensures that our programs develop synchronized teams.

Golden West’s PSSM program partners with GICHD-AMAT, The Halo Trust, Organization of American States (OAS), and MTM (CE), providing SME support in Eastern Europe through USEUCOM & USDOS PM/WRA & funded programs.

We also focus on operational innovations. We operate an Advanced Technical Training Center (ATTC), a stand-alone program designed to provide advanced EOD training. The ATTC allows us to create individualized training curricula, built exactly with our partner’s specific needs in mind.

This unique training facility allows us to provide a genuinely holistic approach to each of our partners. Through our hands-on, practical education methods, the Golden West PSSM program offers every partner a sustainable path towards safely managing their munitions.