Golden West Humanitarian Foundation | Unexploded Ordnance

Public safety

As Foreign Service and development actors around the world know only too well, there is no peace without security. Such is the cross-cutting nature of EOD, PSSM, HMA, and Public Safety. Golden West interacts with police forces from the Solomon Islands up to Iceland, providing training and discussing new tools and techniques to improve safety and build skillsets. 

Golden West can provide police forces with training ranging from basic EOD through to more nuanced courses such as post-blast investigation/evidence collection, case management, and investigative techniques. Our trainers have strong law enforcement backgrounds, having served for decades in the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

director of public safety

Golden West’s Chief Operations Officer, Mr. Christopher McMurray, has almost three decades of experience in law enforcement and, among other exclusive posts, led the FBI Special Agent Bomb Technician Program. Golden West stands ready to assist partner nations in strengthening their abilities to protect and serve local communities bringing peace and broader development.