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Leading the Way

Since 1998, the Golden West Humanitarian Foundation has addressed critical shortfalls in heavily mine-impacted countries across the globe. Each year we have built on our innovative work from the past, uncovering and addressing the challenges that hinder clearance efforts.

From pioneering a solution to recycle unexploded ordnance in Cambodia to publishing a UXO awareness book for children, we take a comprehensive approach to solving problems. As we continue to expand our resources and expertise, we are able to bring high impact solutions to an increasing number of communities living in areas contaminated with landmines and unexploded ordnance.




If the tool or the technique doesn’t exist to get the job done, Golden West will design, test, refine, and use it. Golden West has a proven track record of developing tools and techniques to improve safety and efficiency in EOD and humanitarian demining. We’re proud to be at the forefront of technical innovation in mine action and happily share our expertise with partners.



Golden West has provided short and long term training solutions to state and civilian entities in 24 countries over 22 years. Sharing best practices and improving safety with our counterparts across the world is of enormous importance. While Golden West is proudly American, the vast majority of our clients and partners range from countries as diverse as the Solomon Islands to Moldova. Very few organizations in the world possess as honed an ability to safely design and deliver bespoke EOD and PSSM related training.

operational Competence


Golden West has attracted and focused some of the sharpest minds in the EOD community to deliver innovative and impactful scopes of work across the globe. We’re deliberately small, channeling our expertise through trusted local partners, ensuring both immediate results and long-term impact. Our footprint is light aiding quick action and cost-efficiency.



Golden West has over two decades of experience working in Asia, the Pacific, Eastern Europe, and South America. We have personnel and equipment staged in each region ready to go to work. The depth of our understanding in such varying contexts and local capabilities has taken many years to develop. However, this internal investment now enables Golden West to more accurately and swiftly deploy expertise across the world.

Physical Security & Stockpile Management

Recent Team Additions

We are excited to introduce our newest PSSM team members, Arben, Nina, and Andrii. They are essential additions to our PSSM team and are dedicated to making Albania, Georgia, and Ukraine safer for their people through  Physical Security & Stockpile Management. 

Arben (Beni) Braha
PSSM Support - Albania

Arben Braha (or Beni as he is known by), is a known veteran within the HMA sector. Formally a Military Engineering – EOD Officer in the Albanian Armed Forces, since 2010, he held the position as Director of the National Mine Action Authority (AMMCO) until March 2021, supporting HMA efforts in Albania. Beni recently represented Albania at a Forum implemented by Golden West in 2018, and assisted USEUCOM in establishing the current PSSM Program. 

Nina Asatiani
PSSM Project Support Officer - Georgia

Nina joined Golden West in May 2021, providing essential support to the PSSM Program implemented on behalf of USEUCOM. Fluent in Georgian, Russian, Ukrainian, and English, Nina joined us after years working for a US Commercial Company, NATO, and as Assistant to the Chief of General Staff, Georgian Armed Forces. Educated in Kyiv, Ukraine, Berlin, Germany, and Tbilisi, Georgia, Nina holds a bachelor’s degree in law.

Andrii Kozhushko

Andrii joined Golden West in August of 2021 as an interpreter, translator, and local support officer in Ukraine. He has a degree in physics and vast experience in technical translation and interpreting for numerous infantry, EOD, CIED, and humanitarian mine action courses in Ukraine. Andrii provides local linguistic, administrative, and logistical support for the Golden West PSSM and EOD projects.

Our team

The Golden West Humanitarian Foundation is a United States based non-profit charity dedicated to the development of innovative technologies, training, and  techniques that are used to enhance the global effectiveness of the humanitarian mine action community.

Our team has a wealth of Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD), physical security  stockpile management, training, and technical experience. Golden West personnel are community-minded, highly qualified, and well versed in the challenges faced in countries worldwide.

By working collaboratively with governments, the UN, National Mine Action Centers, and our peer NGOs, we address the needs of the mine action community and strive to ensure the widest dissemination and the application of innovation to save lives.

our Community

The Golden West Humanitarian Foundation has produced and supplied more than 500,000 explosive charges to the Cambodian Mine Action Centre over the years. These charges are distributed across Cambodia to destroy land mines and unexploded ordnance. The U.S. Government supports Golden West and other mine-clearance organizations, to address our own war legacy issues in Cambodia and to clean up mines left by other countries and actors. We have provided $9 million to this effort in FY2019, and we strongly support Cambodia’s goal to be mine-free by 2025. #AMCAM70 #HumanitarianAssistance

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Golden West is always looking for new ways to support the community, innovate, and connect with those in need of our services. 

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